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1. Impro 50x50cm 2018

Now living in the Vendée, DOAM is, once again, working on her two favourite themes: Jazz Music and Water.  


Painting spontaneously and intuitively, she uses the medium of music to stimulate her creative juices, improvising freely as she paints.  In this way, her creations have a fresh and fluid quality as she allows the white of the blank canvas to contrast with the vibrant colours of her subject matter.


Influenced by Chinese calligraphy, and using the studio floor as her easel, the artist splashes coloured ink on canvas before using acrylic touches to create movement and bring her creations to life.’

2014 - 2020

1. Bitter irony - 100x81cm - 2013.jpg

Doam lived in South Korea, in Seoul. Immerged in a new culture, she has discovered in Seoul an amazing mixture of modernism and tradition. Beyond the modern achievements she has faced with, in such a dynamic, floodlit and digital city as Seoul, she has found many layers of colorful fascination due to a unique Korean traditional culture co-evolving with the contemporary reality.

2007 - 2014

Orchestre DOAM.png

In Grenoble, South-east of France, near the Alps, her work was related to music and water and it had consequences for her art. Member of a painters’ group called “Art Mixe” and under the aegis of the painter Claude Blanc-Brude, DOAM trained to paint scenes of life (musicians, cyclists and nudes) in quick movements and with dynamism and confidence. In 2004, she set up a workshop in Grenoble in Isère.

2000 > 2006

6. 20F 72x60cm.JPG

In Nantes, on the west French coast, DOAM used new techniques and liberated her gesture in creative work on water directed by Denigot at the Fine Arts of Nantes. The artist expressed an individual freedom through gestural brushstroke and large pools of color on paper hung on a wall, testing all kinds of materials and techniques to express her own personality.

1999 > 2001

aquarelle DOAM.png

In Provence for several years, DOAM painted essentially water colors outdoors. She learned the structure of drawing in geometric lines with the painters Cayol and Hänni. 

1985 > 1998

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